An Indigenous-owned company

The ParaNative podcast, TV and book project is the life-long dream of creator and host, Pam Palmater, who is following her father’s dream to better understand mysterious creatures, otherworldly beings, and paranormal experiences, through the ancient teachings of Native cultures. ParaNative is being produced by Warrior Life Studios, Inc..

Warrior Life Studios, Inc.

Warrior Life Studios, Inc., is an entertainment and production company that it is 100% Indigenous-owned and operated. Pam Palmater - the owner and CEO of Warrior Life Studios - is an award-winning lawyer, professor, and author who has been engaged in Indigenous education and advocacy for over 30 years. She is a regular media commentator and public speaker on Indigenous rights.

Pam is also an award-winning producer of Indigenous podcasts, documentaries, and TV shows. Her current podcasts include: Warrior Life, Warrior Kids Podcast, and Criminals on Patrol. Her recent documentary short - Samqwan: Water – has been shown at 11 festivals all over North America, winning several awards. As CEO and creative director of Warrior Life Studios, Pam focuses on projects that lift the voices of Indigenous peoples and supports Indigenous creatives and their projects.