The stories of our ancestors

Mi’kmaw host Pam Palmater takes us on a journey into the ParaNative revealing the truth behind the many Native creatures and otherworldly beings that live among us.

Pam Palmater holding a feature and standing in front of a tree.

ParaNative is a gripping, new documentary-style podcast, TV show and book - in all development - that will be hosted by Indigenous lawyer, professor, and paranormal researcher, Pam Palmater. Pam will takes us on an unsettling investigation into the mysterious world of Native creatures and otherworldly beings that have long been part of traditional Native stories. She will share what she has learned on her lifelong journey to understand these creatures and will reveal the stark warnings these ancient creatures offer to those who fail to respect them.

In the frenzied race by paranormal investigators to discover, record, and manipulate ghosts and spirits or those who seek to be the first to capture, exploit, and even kill cryptids; few have stopped to ask, whether they should. The rush to conquer and control what they don’t understand, harkens back to when colonial explorers thought that the accidental "discovery" of lands they had never seen, entitled them to exploit Native lands, resources, and people. ParaNative seeks to flip the narrative and decolonize the paranormal by centering Native voices, teachings, and lived experiences about these creatures.

The award-winning podcaster and documentary filmmaker Pam Palmater, will guide listeners through her investigation of the so-called paranormal – the many creatures, spirits and otherworldly beings that have long been relegated to myth or legend by non-Native people. They will hear about the old stories and traditional teachings from Native elders and knowledge keepers from different First Nation and Native American cultures. These teachings will set the context for understanding the many frightening tales of encounters with large hairy beasts that lurk in the forest; the water creatures that live at the edge of our lakes, or those elusive beings seen only from the corner of our eyes, that strike fear in our hearts.

Throughout her investigation, Pam will share the stories about why her father sent her on this quest to learn from the wisdom of Native elders - not for fame or exploitation - but to help protect the Native cultures and lands which we share with these mysterious beings. Instead of hunting unknown creatures, she seeks to educate people about their existence, their purpose, and the consequences of failing to heed their warnings.

Listeners will never look at the forests, lakes or skies the same again, especially when they realize that the true horror lives within themselves.

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